Refractive Surgery
Clear vision in the typical eye is because of light beams falling on the eye and going through the cornea, pupil and lens and centering the picture on the retina.

Visual Acuity Testing -
This is the most well-known test used to evaluate visual perception. The test includes looking at various images or more commonly reading letters of distinctive sizes on an eye chart. Typically, every eye is tested separately. And after that both eyes may be tested together, with and without corrective lenses.

Refraction is a test that measures the eyes' requirement for proper corrective lenses or Spectacles, dependant on the kind of refractive error.

Following methods are used at Nazar Eye Hospital for correcting refractive mistakes relying on the need and necessity of the patient after fitting counseling.
  • Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL).
  • Contact Lenses.
  • Lasik Laser.
  • Synoptophore works out.
  • Intacs.

Choose Nazar Eye hospital – Providing Top of the Class Solution -
The Nazar Eye hospital offers a full range of cutting edge vision rectification services for patients with farsightedness, partial blindness, presbyopia and astigmatism. We likewise give thorough eye care that incorporates assessment and treatment for cataracts.

We have the latest innovation in lens impart alternatives that incorporate the Accommodating Lens Implants and Technis Lens, and also the standard lenses.

Our hospital is at the main edge of medicinal innovation and advance diagnostic equipments that incorporate the VISX Wavescan and VISX S4 Excimer Laser.

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