Phaco [infiniti system]
The Nazar Eye Hospital is equipped with a latest and modern system called Phaco [infiniti system]. The doctors at the hospital have years of practice at this system which makes them perfect on the operation of this system. It is well – installed in the hospital with the utmost care given to it.

With the new infiniti system, our cataract surgeons at Nazar Eye Hospital have now three different options in the removal of a cataract – ultrasonic phacoemulsification, ultrasound with oscillation and liquefaction.

Ultrasonic phacoemulsification can rightly be called the ‘golden standard’ for cataract surgery. In this surgery, a minute probe is inserted into an extremely small tear on the rim of the eye. The probe slowly but surely degrades the cataract into small pieces and the cataract is sucked out of the eye through the probe.

The inifiniti system gives way to a new method which implies both ultrasound and mechanical oscillation to assist in breaking up the cataract quicker. It also helps the surgeon better control of the lens than the traditional ultrasound.

The surgeon can also use a totally new removal method of lens called Liquefaction. In liquefaction, a naturally balanced and warm solution is used to carefully break up and wash away the natural lens.

After the cataract is surgically removed, an intra ocular lens (IOL) which is folded is put through the micro – tear, then unfolded and locked into a permanent position. The small tear is self – sealed and there is no need for stitches. The tear heals within no time and gives way to a more comfortable recuperation.

The Nazar Eye Hospital surgeons are well – trained to do this surgery. They reduce the risk of thermal burns and have increased flexibility with better control over the removal procedure of the lens.

The infiniti system offers better control, safety and effectiveness during phaco emulsification processes. It offers strategic advantage and effective energy delivery in custom phaco processes.

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