Perimetery Screening
Nazar Eye offers perimetry screening is a way to systematically examine the visual field. It is a systematic method of differential light-sensitivity in visual field by detecting the presence of test objects on a distinct background. Perimetry carefully quantifies and maps the visual field, especially at excessive periphery of visual field. The name evolves from the method of examining the perimeter of the visual field.

Automated perimeters are widely used in applications comprises of: diagnosing disease, visual competence assessment, job selection, and disability classifications and military selection.

Static Perimetry Screening
Static perimetry test different location during the field one at a time. First, a dim light is vacant at a particular site. If the patient can’t see the light, it is prepared step by step brighter until it is seen. The minimum brightness mandatory for detecting light stimulus is known as the "threshold" sensitivity level of the site. This procedure is iterated at several other sites, until the whole visual field is examined.

Threshold-static perimetry is generally done by using automated equipments. It is used for follows up and rapid screening of diseases including deficits likes loss of the peripheral vision, more subtle vision-loss and scotomas. Perimetry testing is essential in the screening, monitoring and diagnosing of various retinal, brain disorders, optic nerve and eyes.

Automated Perimetery Screening
We at Nazar Eye, have done a lot of research on perimeter screening and indulged in recent studies that implies that the automated perimetry can provide an efficient way of screening for the visual-field abnormalities related with neurologic and ophthalmologic disorders. The techniques have been successfully functional to our clinic for screening of the patients and to mass visual-field screening of the broad-spectrum. The principles which are underlying the automated perimetric screening, it evaluates the limitations and capabilities of such techniques, and provide some common guidelines for utilizing automated perimetric screening procedures.

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