Our consultation charge is only 500 rupees. Nazar Eye Center is widely recognized as the pioneer of eye care hospitals in Lucknow. A precursor in integrated eye care, it has a dynamic presence across the healthcare spectrum. Accredited as the founder, Dr. Khurshid-ur-Rahman started this hospital with the mission of offering world-class facilities to patients, at an incredible price that they could afford.

We, at Nazar Eye Center led to an uprising with democratized treatment in India. Our Surgeries and treatments provide results beyond your expectations; however costs only a fraction of worldwide prices. This cost consciousness prolongs to be a significant building block in our healthcare approach.

We are providing high quality treatments, coupled with unmatched services and care that only true Indian hospital can offer. Our Medical Tourism facilities are blessing in disguise for the patients who come from different corners of the world to access our eye care treatment. We provide a number of packages that suits the needs of different patients. Such packages are accessible for one eye surgery. Some of the best packages are listed below:

Our centre is specialised for FLACS ( Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery). We have this technology since the inception on a new and reliable platform called CATALYS. Any procedure performed by this SAFE and PRECISION technology shall add a cost of 30,000 INR. These packages are meant only for One eye surgery.
  • Femto-Robotic Surgery (Toric Multifocal, Femto-Multifocal Lens, Femto- Monofocal Toric (Foreign), Femto- Monofocal)
  • Topical Ozil Phaco-Multifocal
  • Phaco Monofocal
  • Phaco Mono Indian Lens

Surgery Name Lens Type Brands Price
Toric multifocal Imported Branded Lens Abbott, Alcon, Zeiss 90,000 INR
Toric multifocal Indian Lens IO Care, Auro, Appa 70,000 INR
Multifocal Lens Symfony JnJ 70,000 INR
Multifocal Lens Imported Branded Lens JnJ, Alcon, Zeiss 60,000 INR
Multifocal Lens Indian Lens IO Care, Auro, Appa 35,000--to--45,000 INR
Toric JnJ, Alcon, Zeiss 45,000 INR
Multifocal Indian Lens IO Care, Auro, Appa 35,000 INR

Phaco Monofocol

Aspheric MICS 1:8 MM Hydrophobic Acrylic 36,000 INR
Aspheric 2:75 MM(MP) Hydrophobic Acrylic 31,000 INR
Spheric MICS 2:2 MM Hydrophobic Acrylic 26,000 INR
Spheric (MP) ~3:00 MM Hydrophilic Acrylic 23,000 INR
Phaco Monofocal Hydrophilic Acrylic (IO Care,Auro,Appa) 15,000 INR