At Nazar Eye we are specialized in providing complete solutions to your problems. We are equipped with almost all kind of advanced machines needs regarding the treatment and checkup of patient’s critical conditions. We have an expertise of about 33 years in the same field. We are emerging as a pioneer eye care for all kind of eye treatments and solutions.

The ND.YAg Laser NIDEK is a sophisticated platform for ophthalmic laser, which combines the delivery of innovative laser and improved operability, output technologies, super adjustable offset, fast operation and compact design along with the versatility for the combination of laser systems.

"Smart Switch" Joystick
The "Smart Switch" is located on the joystick that provide high operability and allow doctors to change the parameters while holding joystick.

Safer Rotating Aiming Beam
The dual 635nm aiming beam provides visual sensitivity of superior quality.

Reliable Laser Output
The new technology enables to control the pulse under the CPU "D-Pulse” with providing higher stability aligned with changed over time and environmental conditions.

Great Energy Settings
It is offering 0.3 - 10mJ, constantly adaptable in increments of 0.1mJ.

Compact & Slim Design
The lightest and smallest ophthalmic photo-disruptor is available.

Super Adjustable Nd:YAG Offset
The YC-1800 has elite ability to regulate the offset +/- 500 microns (25 microns steps) to best meet the diverse clinical needs.

One-Touch Lock
The YC-1800 can efficiently skate back and forward and around, and the system can be easily setup and released at anyplace where you like the one-touch lock.

Versatile Combo Lasers
The YC-1800 can be simply connected to NIDEK's Green laser Photo-coagulator, treatment of a broad range of indications and patients.

  • Movable dual 635nm aim beam for precise laser beam-aiming.
  • The capability to eliminate or reduce IOL pitting with ± 25µm increment offset.
  • One-Touch Lock for easy attach and free positioning.
  • Simple connectivity to NIDEK’s green-laser photo-coagulator, enabling treatment of a broad range of patients.

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