What is Low Vision?
Low vision is characterized as the vision under 6/18 in the better eye which doesn't improve with contact lenses or regular glasses and/or visual field not exactly or equivalent to 20* in the better eye.
Low vision cannot be dealt with by regular type of contact lenses or eye glasses.
With most recent development in ophthalmic science it might be impractical to increase their vision power, Nazar Eye Hospital can help them making best utilization of these innovations and techniques.
We use special type of optical and non optical equipments to get improvement in the vision power.
Numerous visually weakened individuals experience trouble with day to day activity, for example, cooking, shopping, managing finance, sitting in front of the TV, reading, and dealing with their own personal needs.

Cause of Low Vision
There are mixed bags of eye diseases influencing vision, contingent upon site of their involvement some normal issues are
  • Corneal Pathology – Any damage or injury to the cornea result in blurred picture and increased glare sensitivity and the reading seems cloudy or decreased contrast.
  • Glaucoma – Chronic raised eye pressure can bring about optic nerve harm and loss of fringe field of vision furthermore reduces the contrast. The print can seems blurred and words are hard to read.
  • Macular Degeneration/Dystrophy - It is the maturing process, however can happen at more youthful age also. Macular is the focal area of retina, which because of degeneration gets distorted. This can bring about diminishing in focal vision where a man can see a dark spot before his eye.

Symptoms of Low Vision
  • Blurred Vision
  • Diminished Vision
  • Flashes and/or Floaters
  • Colour Halos
  • Occasional Pains

In low vision, once vision cannot enhance we at Nazar Eye Hospital try to make best conceivable utilization of the available vision. After proper point by point eye examination, the treatment may comprise of giving some computer aids, LOW VISION NON – OPTICAL or OPTICAL AIDS, and CCTV.

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