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Glaucoma is an eye disease which exhibits an optic neuropathy which brings about dynamic visual field loss. The most vital risk element is raised intraocular pressure. Risk elements for glaucoma incorporate age over 40 years, astigmatism, diabetes, certain retinal sicknesses, injury, cataract and a family history of glaucoma.

Glaucoma is the main sources of irreversible visual deficiency worldwide. The vision lost caused by glaucoma is unlike cataract and is progressive and irreversible. Luckily, diagnosis and treatment on time can forestall visual deficiency.

Treatment -
Glaucoma is a treatable ailment that needs early treatment as the harm is irreversible. The treatment can incorporate surgery, laser, or medications.

The prescriptions either increase the draining of the liquid or diminish the production of the liquid in order to hold the eye pressure under control as determined by your specialist.

Lasers are utilized as a part of the treatment of glaucoma to increase the flow of liquid. At the point when therapeutic or laser treatment fizzles, you may require surgery.

Restoring lost vision through Glaucoma
Treatment of glaucoma goes for protecting the existing vision; it doesn't restore the vision that is as of now lost. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is recommended.

Choose Nazar Eye hospital
We at Nazar Eye hospital, give quality glaucoma services to all, for life.

The Nazar Eye hospital, deals solely with glaucoma to provide awareness about glaucoma and importance of its early diagnosis and treatment.

Our medical team has main focus on patient’s care and treatment, from the basic sorts to the rare form of glaucoma which oblige treatment not accessible somewhere else in India.

We take after world class management services in glaucoma, in a financially savvy way, utilizing advance medical and surgical procedures. From the initial diagnosis to treatment and tackling of complex circumstances, the whole scope of glaucoma care is securely covered.

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