Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery: Bladeless surgery with Laser technique
An eye is the most fragile and intricate part of the human body. Due to eye’s intricacy, it needs precision and latest possible technology for treating eye conditions, as like cataracts surgery, which is providing excellent outcomes to the patients. In this process, eye surgeon cuts clear incision in the cornea by applying laser energy to the eye. We at Nazar Eye Hospital render you a best considered as the next hi-technique in cataract and refractive surgery from Dr. Khurshid- ul-rahman khan.

About Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery-
Now days this technique is playing a key role to replace or assist eye surgeons in so many aspects. With this method Eye surgeons use laser energy to incisions, softening the nucleus in the cornea.

Steps for Femto Cataract Surgery-
There are almost four main steps to Femto laser surgery includes:
  • First step is the small incision of cornea is made in the eye’s outer surface.
  • This incision made to release the outer cover part of the lens.
  • Then the cataract is got softened and break up.
  • After then the artificial lens is implants for replacing the cataract.

Nazar Eye hospital: A best option for cataract surgery
Nazar Eye Hospital is the best hospital for treating your eye with latest technology and experienced doctors. Dr. Khurshid- ul-rehman khan with his expert teams your eye with latest Amo Catalys Machine especially for Femto Cataract Surgery. In this process, the beam of laser energy guides by an advance imaging device known as OCT device, which create accurate incisions with automating process of cataract surgery that have done manually with surgical blades through traditional method. For treating astigmatism laser also makes corneal incisions. Computer driven automatic incisions are more reproducible and precise than traditional eye surgery method.

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