The Touch of Nazar Eye Hospital
At Nazar Eye Hospital, we lay extraordinary emphasis on first pin pointing the area of unsettling influence, before proceeding with any type of surgery or treatment, essentially in light of the fact that we comprehend the significance of our responsibility, that shield your eyes.

Why Nazar Eye Hospital?
We at Nazar eye hospital notice your need to look good. It now has a solution in the form of our fully specialized Squint Clinic and its progressive treatment. The treatment includes a Squint Correction Surgery that adjusts the eye balls however does not ensure tackling visual perception problem. The process strengthens or weakens one or more among the six muscles connected to every eyeball to make the eye straight. Local anesthesia for grown-ups and general anesthesia for youngsters is utilized as a part of the operation.
Other than the squint, cosmetic eye surgery is likewise done to enhance facial appearance via doing plastic surgery on eyelids for drooping of the eyelids, tumors and cysts.
So at last there is hope, to lead a normal friendly life.

Do you know?
  • Six muscles control the development of every eye.
  • A loss of coordination between the muscles to both eyes prompts misalignment.
  • It is not a cosmetic issue.
  • It can be connected with decreased vision.

There are three sorts of squints:
  • Esotropia, wherein the eyes turn inward and
  • Exotropia, wherein the eye turn outward and
  • Hypertropia, when eye is upwards.

That giving it a chance to remain results in the decay of vision in the squinted eye.
Symptoms of Squint
  • Eyes that do not appear to move together.
  • Eyes that look misaligned.
  • Tilting head to look at things.
  • Double vision.
  • Frequent blinking or squinting, especially in bright sunlight.
  • Poor vision in one or both eyes.
  • Faulty depth perception.

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