Compact FX Ellipse
The Nazar Eye Hospital is well – equipped with the Compact System and Ellipse FX technology. We have all the staff and surgeons required for using Compact and FX Ellipse systems.

Compact System
The Sovereign Compact is a best in class phacoemulsification system highlighting the progressed fluidic execution of the Sovereign in a smaller and moderate system.

Advantages of Compact System
Surgeons using the Compact System get benefit from digital fluidics which ensures stability of the chamber and simplified setup – all of which in a space saving package. The following are the benefits of using this system –
  • The compact system ensures the stability of the chamber through fluid dynamics.
  • The program used in this system is easy to use and very quick.
  • The system can easily be primed and tuned by one – touch.
  • There is a wide variety of programmable power options.
  • Programmable occlusion mode for all intents and purposes takes out surges, indeed, even at high settings.
  • Advanced fluidics is used in the system for chamber stability and excellent control.
  • The system is affordable and provides full – featured phacoemulsification

FX Ellipse Technology
The Ellipse FX technology is a new approach used for excellent efficiency and smoother cutting in lens extraction.

Advantages of FX Ellipse
Ellipse FX takes lens extraction to a higher level of performance.
  • Excellent efficiency and smoother cutting is ensured through special design.
  • Provides larger stroke path and optimized frequencies.
  • Conveys uncommon adaptability, with bended or straight tip styles to coordinate your favored method.
  • Intended to improve followability and effectively hold sections at the tip end.

At Nazar Eye Hospital, we have specialization in the Compact System and FX Technology. The surgeons and physicians are highly trained and well – skilled to effectively use both the systems as per custom needs of patients.
Surgeons from all over the world trust the Compact phacoemulsification everyday. Now with FX Ellipse Technology, the Compact System will continue to grow over the trust for more and more years to come.

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