Get best in class argon laser treatment at Nazar Eye Center
An argon laser treatment is given on different kinds of medical conditions related to eye. In case of eye diseases like diabetes, retinal breaks, membranes, macular degenerations, argon laser treatment is highly helpful. We at Nazar eye center cater argon laser treatment and other eye treatment with great excellence and expertise. During consultation, we discuss it briefly with patient to make him comfortable enough.

Argon laser treatment
Basically, it is a treatment which is used to stop the fluid leakage from blood vessels that are positioned at the back of our eye (retina). The treatment is also very accommodating in case of generation of abnormal blood vessels in the eye. These problems generally occur due to diabetes or can be caused because of many other conditions thus affecting the blood vessels situated on the retina.

Process of argon laser treatment
  • In order to enlarge pupil, the doctor puts some dilating drops in your eye.
  • Further, local anesthetics drops are inserted into the eye so that the surface can become numb.
  • He puts your chin on the rest, a lens is placed allowing the doctor to focus the laser and target the retina.
  • The entire process takes only 10 to 45 minutes.

Not only argon laser treatment, we specialize in diverse range of eye treatment. Our aim is to proffer people with healthy and brighter so that they can see this beautiful world and live freely.

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