About Us
Nazar Eye hospital , with hands on experience, offers ideal solution and complete eye care like eye examination for the individuals who endure from farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic eye malady, or other medical eye conditions.

Keeping innovative qualities side by side, Nazar Eye hospital has treated endless patients with most recent cataract surgery and refractive system. The Hospital functions steadily, and can be held high for ethical norms.

Nazar Eye hospital has inculcated to meet patients' prerequisites with full care, compassion and affectability. The main objective of the Hospital is to offer quality and more prominent patient care.

Quality Approach & Quality Objectives
Nazar Eye hospital maintains predominant quality standard, with uncompromised and steadfast core focus. It indefatigably endeavors to keep up the quality level at the most elevated peak, utilizing the most progressive techniques and applying the most recent types of equipments in the process, guaranteeing hygiene and safety. The backbone of our goal is total patient care, with understanding.

At Nazar Eye hospital, we guarantee patient’s security, with appropriate initiative in the direction. We at times maintain and monitor appropriate depiction and reporting of hospital infection and any occurrence. Aside from setting up patient’s record and audit, we monitor sterilized equipments that are utilized as a part of surgeries and operations.

Team at Nazar Eye hospital
At Nazar Eye Hospital, we offer far reaching patient’s eye care, clinical research, sight enhancement and recovery, and eye product improvement. Outfitted with modern technology and recognized experts in the field of eye care, we accentuate on the provision of value eye care to individuals from all section of society.

Our Mission
  • To be the center point of excellence in India by giving quality eye care with skill concern and competence.
  • To be adopting most recent advance technologies, ethical and techniques in ophthalmology.
  • To be setting up fundamental and clinical examination into eye infections and vision threatening conditions.
  • To be focusing on Education, Training, Product Development and recovery for serious infections.
  • To be a favored place for eye care Paramedical, Professionals, and Nonmedical group.

Our Goals
It is our main objective to keep up exclusive standard of ophthalmic treatment, surgery and care. We simply aim for improving the use of infrastructure and technology to benefit every one of our patients so as to guarantee viable results and patient's fulfillment and prosperity. Providing motivational environment and culture to our staff.

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